I can't say I've been as active in my new blogging adventures as I had hoped. I have been enjoying plenty of wines, only I haven't always been keeping notes. But what the heck, I'm still enjoying myself, at least the wine. My personal 45 Day Wireless War continues to occupy a fair amount of time (Router: 3, Doug: 1, Hardware casualties: 1 keyboard, Ego: 65%), but my two laptops and I are currently at a tense ceasefire with the router. So I'm hunkering in the trenches, as it were, with a red from Alto Adige, a wine about which I can find little information; neither the winery, nor the importer have websites.

I've recently come across something called Wine Blogging Wednesday (WBW), over at Dr. Vino's wine blog. If you haven't read the blog, WBW is a fun little event that brings bloggers from literally all over the world once a month to write about a wine along a particular theme. The topic may be as simple as a given grape or a region, or it could be that each blogger chooses a wine local to them, as it was in August 2005. So of course I thought it would be fun to join in for September's topic of obscure, indigenous grapes. I think I'll write about an Italian variety, probably something up in one of the northern regions. It seems to fit my current reading about Italy.


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