Begali Lorenzo Valpolicella Classico Supeiore Ripasso 2005
13.5 % Alc

It is a ripasso, meaning it has been refermented with Amarone skins. The result is more flavor, alcohol, and tannin is added to the wine. The Begali Lorenzo website does not mention the Ripasso, so there are no details on the grape(s) or production (I'll assume at least Corvina is in there somewhere).

I found this little Italian delight a few weeks ago but only just opened it yesterday. I drank it by itself, but I think it would have gone well with something roasted, like maybe roasted pork loin with rosemary.

It was a nice wine with a rich, medium ruby hue. I immediately thought I was sniffing a smokehouse, not a wine! There were some floral notes, a bit of a alcohol, and a splash of cherry, but more so was the smokey cured meats. I caught mostly the aroma of sausage combined with smokey smell you get after the launching of fireworks. The palate was mostly cherry with earthy notes, medium to high acid. The almost smooth tannins were medium to high and lingered nicely in the finish.
Begali Lorenzo


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