Gini Soave Classico DOC 2005
12.5 % alc

This next wine is something I found yesterday at The Curious Grape. the winery, Gini, is located south of the last Soave, down in the southern part of the Soave Classico DOC. I have to say, I'm just getting used this varietal, which I think has an intriguing aroma. The color is clean, golden straw, and has scents of apple, floral notes, yeastiness, and just a touch of citrus. what is curious is that I'm picking up a hint of something that reminds me of freshly baked brownies with nuts, only without the chocolate--if that makes any sense. Compared to a sauvignon blanc or something from botrytis, the garganega is a bit peculiar, but so is the rubber boot that some rieslings have going on. The palate is nicely balanced with citrus, apple, honey, and a healthy dose of acidity. The finish has a streak of minerality running through it. The yeast on the palate comes as no surprise as the wine was allowed to sit on the yeast for at least six months in steel vats.

Despite my being new to this varietal, and finding the first sniff a bit unusual, I do like this wine. I'll have to go find some recioto to see how that style compares.

Gini website

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