As a continuation of my wine studies, I'm going from country to county, learning as much as I can about the regions and wines in each country. For starters, I'm reading Vino Italiano, written by Joseph Bastianich and David Lynch. Naturally, I'm attempting to taste the wines from the various areas as I read my way down the peninsula. I don't want to limit myself to having only book knowledge, though admittedly I won't get the chance to sample every varietal and producer. In order to get a good variety, I really need to do some homework on all the wine stores in the area, but that will be the easy part. More challenging will be the burden on my wallet, with the dessert wines drawing higher prices and the hefty, burdensome fees of pricier wines, dubbed by some as "cult wines".

Well now, on to the first wines. At first I was thinking to myself, "So many wines, so little time." And then I realized I have all the time in the world to taste all the wines in the world. It's what I'm going to to for a living! I'll be paid to drink wine. Well, that's the plan, anyway, to make a career out of perpetually learning about wine, which means discovering new wine areas, traveling, speaking foreign languages, and meeting and talking to a lot of interesting people.

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  1. Tom said...
    What a great name for a wine blog!

    Good luck...I'm looking forward to reading NOBLY ROTTEN!!


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