Soave La Cappuccina 2006, 100% Garganega, Alc 12%

La Cappuccina hales from the Verona area of the Veneto. Their vineyards are situated between Verona and Venice, east of the village of Soave.
I found this soave an interesting wine with some unique character, which was something different from the often chosen chardonnay or sauvignon blanc. It was made from 100 percent garganega, a medium-sized, thick skinned grape. The color was pale yellow and had light aromas of green apple and some floral notes. It was also slightly autolytic and reminiscent of grappa. Going back to the interesting character, the wine tasted like clover honey only without the sweetness. The acidity was medium to high. The palate was dry, and light-bodied with a touch of yeasty-bread-like, autolytic flavor, and green apple on the finish.
Here is the link to the La Cappuccina's web site, in both English and Italian -


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