It has been four years now that Lenn and guest hosts have asked bloggers to explore everywhere from the shelves of the favorite stores to the far reaches of the earth for wines, popular and obscure alike. I’ve only participated in three Wednesdays, starting only last year, but judging from the line-up of topics, bloggers have covered a lot of exciting topics. Pairing wines with chocolates certainly looked fun. Having read quite a few bloggers, I think most of are always willing to try something outside the norm; so obscure reds, local wines, and indigenous grapes brought out a lot of variety from everyone. And we’re never hesitant to have a little fun either, like borrowing from a TV show most of us here in the U.S. watched as kids.

Lenn didn’t ask us to reach so far back into our pasts for the August theme. We only go back to our early days with wine, to our drinking roots. Here's a link to Lenn's announcement.

I’m going to forgo the Gallo jug wine my parents drank, and I’ll bypass Amnesia Lane, a route lined with such nefarious characters as Boone’s Farm or MD 20/20 (second to the worst hangover, ever). We’re celebrating four years of all blogging together, which I think calls for a little bubbly. I don’t recall the names of most of the wines I had when I first started going to tasting, but I do think I remember some from my first Champagne and sparkling tasting. And for a little fun, I might revisit one inexpensive Riesling I had a fair amount of when I was stationed in Colorado: Schmitt Sohne. I haven’t had that since the late 1990s, but I seem to remember eventually thinking it was too sweet. And for a long time after that, I didn’t think I liked Riesling; but that’s since changed.

Mark your calendars. Stop by some of your favorite wine blogs on 13 August as we visit ghosts of wines past.

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  1. Sonadora said...
    Looking forward to seeing what you choose! I agree, the Schmitt Sohne is much too sweet now that I've had much time (and more money) to develop my tastes!

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