The Budometer. I just took a visit to a fun little web site called I first read about it today on an Open Wine Consortium Recipes, Wine, and Food Pairing group discussion. You may also have heard about the site as I took their quick survey that asks you about your various beverage preferences and then gives you an evaluation of your potential tastes in wine. Essentially, it asks your preferences corresponding to different taste buds, i.e., you rate how much you like salty foods, how strong you like your coffee and with how much cream and sugar, etc. Right now they’re still in the beta testing phase, so it likes the survey is a work in progress at this point.

What you get after this 1 minute survey is a prediction of how much tannin, oak, fruit and so on you like in your wine. It also rates you on a sensitivity scale, sweet on one end, and bold, tannic wines on the other. Think Moscato and Riesling on one end and the oak-bomb, powerhouse wines on the other. Then, and here’s an interesting bit, it gives you a list of specific wines to match your results.

So how did I do? Eh, not too far off. I like bold wines with a fair amount of tannin—Bordeaux-style, Rhone-style, Nero d’Avola, and the like. And I also like a good amount of acid. Give me a New Zealand Sauvignon any day of the week. But it also tells me I’m likely to enjoy low fruit and high oak. Well, it depends. I’m not crazy about Chardonnay with lots of oak and butter, at least if it’s crowding out the other flavors. I like flavors of apple, peach, and citrus. And I’m a sucker for those not so in your face Burgundies, red and white. I like balance.

I thought it was an interesting little quiz. I always like to see how close to the mark people get when they create a survey that’s supposed to predict something that can be so subjective. 4 out of 6 wasn’t bad. Give it a whirl and see what you get. They encourage feedback, so if you think they were off on something, why not shoot ‘em an e-mail.



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